Meet MrsLove

My Body is The Laboratory of Love .

Is the place where Love incarnates and experiments ways to Feel and Express .

There are as many Laboratories as many bodies on the Planet …or even more precisely –               as many Entities in the Cosmos!

Love is the great Mystery playing in the Laboratory of my Being. 

The Combinations are Infinite, the Expressions Endless …

and even the messy parts turn out to be Divine !

“I was made in Italy at the dawn of the Seventies -definitely made for untidy rooms and rumpled beds. I have always questioned the answers. I have travelled a lot, experienced a lot and tried all that I could! I have lived in caves, ashrams and apartments. I engaged in mystic conversations with wandering Gurus and drank enlightening teas with silent Sadhus. I have sung the endless heart song with giggling Shamans and laughed at cosmic jokes with invisible friends. I have travelled Africa barefoot and Europe on high heels. I have made love over cremation grounds and romanced the Cosmos- made love, literally, with the stars and the planets!  I have danced till the early colours of the morning and counted the million stars in the sleepless nights of the darkest hour of self doubt. I have found myself on all four, on the floor of my bedroom, throwing up a lifetime of emotional toxins and realized much later that this was the awakening experience… I have explored all kind of therapies, modalities, meditations and movement practices, healed traumas, danced the divine ecstasy, the shadow , the inertia, the chaos …the Cosmic Drama, before  Endless Cosmic Orgasm.

Today I am Dakini – the Skydancer.

 I surrender my Divine Humanity to Existence, to be seduced by my true Form.”

I hold the lineage of female teachers in the Tantra School of Kashmir Shivaism . I call it  the Tantra School of FASCINATING WONDERMENT (Vismayo) . Our teaching is intuitive and direct . There is no linear evolution , it requires a deep desire and devotion to become truly intimate with Reality .
Working with me will ask everything of you . 

>>> Valentina Maria Leo, (a.k.a. Mrs Love ) is  italian by birth,  living in Cape town since the late 90’s.

In this incarnation She explored a variety of identities already …such as being a Photographer, a Dancer,  a Painter, a Performer, a Criminal and a Show Director.

Of lately she identify with being a Mother, a Lover, a Fool and a Facilitator for the true understanding of Sacred Sexuality as a Catalyst for Wholeness and Human Evolution.<<<

…And it can All change with one breath .