Erotic Wisdom


The Fascinating Wonderment of living in a body.

Traditional Tantric Wisdom for modern Living & Loving.

Uncensored, untamed & intimately raw… with Mrs Love.

EPISODE #7 . loving your arse(w)hole.

  • December 3, 2019

Another of Mrslove’s Holy Rants… a SoloCast on becoming Whole by integrating our Divine Arsehole into your daily practice of Self Awareness. The Anus is one of the biggest Taboo of our time. Kept in the dark, shamed, abandoned, dismissed… this symbol of disgust and disconnection could become our beacon for True Wholesomeness. By learning to relax, love and accept the reality of our Holy Black (W)Hole we could finally relax into the totality of Life, stop being afraid of our inner darkness and finally embrace our Divine Human-ness. From arse to heart connected to all that is Sacred and Divine : our wondrous Humanity. Hell yes!!!🏴‍☠️

(For further exploration on this theme please watch the short documentary ” W-Hole” by artist Kali V.D.M. ~ )

EPISODE #6. magnificent maleficent

  • November 27, 2019


A Solocast where Mrslove uses the analogy of the movie Maleficent to unveil the Tantric Wisdom that God is to be found in the Darkness of your own being . She also speak about the polarity of patriarchy , conquering Vs surrendering , the dark wisdom of feminine sexuality and the power that comes from embodying your True Form . Amen 🖤


EPISODE #5. unf@ck the world , ravish her instead !

  • November 7, , 2019

Stop changing/ saving the world ! She is doing just fine …but what about you ? Do u want to change things because they make you feel too much …? This Solocast is a contemplation on being ravished by Reality, loving more, relentlessly and fearlessly …especially when it hurts.


EPISODE #4Plus: the purpose of sex &violence

  • October 31, 2019

Swami Rahasya Advait answers one more poignant question …



EPISODE #4: tantrik apologia by swami r.

  • October 31, 2019

A rich conversation with Swami Rahasya Advait , founder of Advait Tantra School of South Africa , author of THE ROCKY HORROR TANTRA BOOK ,and the most endearing Tan-Trickster that i have ever met ! Darling Rahasya engage us with a fascinating  explanation of Tantra as an analogy to Martial Arts- The Apologia (that is not an apology , but could  inspire one ! ).The difference between Awakening and Enlightenment , drift and flow, and Bodhisattvas and Arhats. As always, his conversation (as his teaching of Tantra ) is both deeply engaging and quite a stretch for the ordinary mind – not recommended to : the faint-hearted , the weak-minded or the emotionally troubled . If you would like  more of him, please check out the bonus track where he answers one more question on the purpose of violence and sex… –



EPISODE #3: The Eros of Fasting

  • October 22, 2019

A revealing conversation with Alex Cousin on the Dis-ease on not living your dreams, Joyful Thriving and your Electric Body as a conduit of the Divine . Alex it’s a Detox Specialist, Evolutionary Nutritionist, and a truly inspiring Human Being . She is the creator of LivingmucusFREE Movement : a global current that teaches how to purify at a cellular level so we may be conductors of higher frequencies. There is nothing conventional about her work and her outlook on life will make you re-think Everything you though you knew ! Her Clarity has the power to unmask all the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves and ruthlessly reveal our hiding places…(sigh !) Yet her compassionate heart always acknowledge the immaculate perfection of all our imperfections and makes us feel we can never get it wrong.


EPISODE #2: SEX & The Dolphins

  • October 9, 2019

A very intimately hot & untamed conversation with Courtney Ward from Halo Gaia Adventures. Operating in Mozambique for 20 years, she has been swimming with wild dolphins daily whitnessing displays of Pure Erotic Freedom . Here Courtney and Mrslove educate each other on dolphin’s enlightened sex , and rest humbled by these master teachings on Embodied Erotic Wisdom.



  • October 2, 2019

This is the pilot episode of this Podcast Series, briefly introducing myself and explaining the meaning of Erotic Wisdom according to the Tantric tradition of Kashmir Shivaism. Please forgive the sound imperfections it will get better as we move along , I promise !