The Yoga of Naked Awareness
Apr 2017, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm The Source, Townsend Avenue, Cape Town, South Africa
Human sexuality is the experience of Infinity in the finite body.
When the body relaxes in its divine emptiness, NAKED as the darkest night and AWARE of its intrinsic brilliancy, it becomes a portal for Endless Cosmic Orgasm.


Yoga means “to connect “, Tantra means ” your essence”.
Traditional Tantra Yoga is a practice that will connect you to your true essence : Infinite and Eternal.
From this place natural wisdom will arise.
The Yogini will emerge and bless everything she touches .


Based on Ayurveda’s Pranic System and the Metaphysics of the Vedas, this traditional āsanas practice (postures) trains the subconscious mind to recognize our Blissful Nature as our True Nature ~ so that we can EXPRESS LIFE in our full potential as human beings and RELAX into LIBERATION.

This series is practiced by lying on the floor with plenty of meditative relaxation in between āsanas. When our system learns to be in a constant state of intrinsic relaxation, it can naturally balance, self-heal and reintegrate with the Whole. This yoga can be practiced by everyBODY – regardless of injuries, level of fitness or age. It’s a deep meditation in movement.

Enquiries and booking

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