online tantra immersion

Kissing the snake

3 day deep dive into traditional tantra and the erotic shadow

July 11 – Saturday 10:00 -12:30

July 12 – Sunday 16:00 – 18:30

July 13 – Monday 18:00 – 20:30



The Dance between the mesmerising Attraction and the palpable Fear of unraveling our Mystical Power.
How much we desire to embrace our true selves and yet why is the very thing that frightens us the most?
How can we learn to relax into the dance with our fear?
Are we really afraid to die, or are we actually afraid to live?

The Snake has a deep association with Tantra, and many alchemical mystical traditions. It’s a symbol of Power (True Knowing) & Transformation. We often fear snakes, intrinsically scared of their poison and their power ….and yet somehow we become entranced by their slidering seduction . Much like our hidden desires for the True Power of our Divine Sexuality – we fear it, shame it and yet deeply long for its Unbounded Unlimited Expression. We long to Embody our Radiant Nature, Kiss the Snake and Awaken into Truth.Tantra is a way of living an expanded Life. The way you live your life is the most important ‘practice’

“I want to offer my depth to the people who want to meet me here. It is no about what I want to teach you but what you want to learn, that’s what matters. I come empty, with a snake dancing in my bones … I wont teach you in a masculine linear fashion, I simply offer you my totality, my undulating knowing , and the grace of deep wisdom.” –
Valentina danced with a snake for about 3 years, training it so she could perform in crowds. Building a depth of trust and relating. She brings this embodied wisdom as well as her many years of teaching from this lineage. “ Of course I always stayed afraid of the snake, I mean it can kill you, i was always prepared to be bitten ….but f*ck- I did it anyway! Always alert & aware, allowing the Snake to kiss me with its wordless teaching.”


VALENTINA LEO – (a.k.a. Mrslove) is a Mystic, a Mother, a Lover and a Fool.Spiritual maverick, teacher of Erotic Wisdom and an Explorer of the Tantric Realms for over 20 years,Valentina is a Dakini ~holder of the freedom lineage from the tantric school of Fascinating Wonderment (Vismayo ) that spontaneously birth female teachers of the pathless Path.

She is madly in love with the Mystery & the traditional tantric Revelations of Kashmir Shivaism, that recognise the body as Vibration & Space and human sexuality as Cosmic Celebration.

She is untrained and untamed. Her teachings are intuitive and direct. Void of linear evolution, they only require a deep desire to become truly intimate with Reality.It’s the mystic path of endless Devotion to the Unknown. Working with her will require everything of you.

She teaches the Yoga of Presence, Unbounded Freedom and Mystical Union with the vast Emptiness of pure Space .
In other words: Spiritual Eroticism.



“ Dear Mrslove, I just love your offerings and guidance inspired from the depth of emptiness.
An embodied mystery is what I see and listen to.Your presence is transformative! “

“Your presence inspired me to go deeper into me. It opened up a connection to an energy I have never experienced before .
You live and breathe tantric truths and it is contagious! ”

“…and Valentina told me, Love is the wind, and for the first time I understood it was real! “
perform, it express the complexity of our living existence. It’s the dance of true Spontaneity and loving Acceptance of ALL that we are. As a Traditional tantric practice of Totality, radical Embodiment , fascinating wonderment and unbounded freedom ,Tandava can indeed catalyse the experience of Spiritual Awakening.



2,5hrs per day of live transmission teachings,

All calls will be on Zoom. Times are CEST/Cape Town time.

July 11 – Saturday 10:00 – 12:30
July 12 – Sunday 16:00 – 18:30
July 13 – Monday 18:00 – 20:30

BONUS ** July 20 – Monday 18:30 – Satsang and Q&A -(A chance for integration & sharing as we Kiss the Snake of Life)

We have intentionally taken the immersion into Monday to scramble your linear understanding of time ! is the day dedicated to the MOON – round , relaxed and enamoured with her own untameable nature !


During the Immersion

You will need a quiet comfortable space, yoga mat, blanket & scarf. Speaker or earphones for good sound quality.




Light diet leading up to and throughout the immersion.
Join us in the ongoing weekly practices to allow for even more depth in the immersion.
Tandava Mon 11am & Wed 6:30pm
Traditional Tantra Yoga Fri 5pm



*Low income *- USD 55 / Rand 550
I am being f*cked by Reality but still want to show up

*Doing okay * – USD 77/ Rand 770
Life has taken an unexpected turn but I am doing okay

*Good place *- USD 99 / Rand 990
I am in a good place and willing to invest in myself and share in my abundant state

*Enthusiast * – USD 222 / Rand 2220 (includes 1-to-1)
I desire to Kiss Life to the fullest
Tantra Immersion + 1 month access to weekly classes + 1hr session with MrsLove.

*I am Bountiful & Blissful and I would like to be a sponsor for a less financial abundant being * Pay for your ticket and add an extra one from the financial bracket of your choice.

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