” what you told me when we Skyped was epic , profound and yet so simple ….to look after that young girl inside myself …it really shifted EVERYTHING…i will never forget …”



“I feel i’ve made more shifts in 3 months working with you , than the last few years .You are exceptional at what you do ! Thank you , i feel very fortunate to be doing this work with you “

Catherine Bowen 


” Valentina.. your energy , care and giving put me into a very special place to fill my empty places..and where my deep emotions were activated there were important lessons for me . It is hard for me to describe the deep feelings i have -after the most fulfilling and beautiful experience of my life…truly “


So much happened it’s hard to say it all, but what can be said is that I walked in dead, died again in practice and was reborn a “Lover of myself”.”
– SD –

“The practices were profound, and your guidance pitch-perfect. You live and breathe Tantric truths and it is contagious!”
– SJ –

“Solo quando la mente interveniva con la fantasia.. le onde si alzavano.. 
ma rimanendo nel massaggio,nel qui ed ora, nell infinito che disegnavi. sentivo una Beatitudine estatica, profonda, ancestrale.. Avrei voluto continuasse ancora un pò..” 
– Tery – 

– YOGA –
“With deep consciousness Valentina holds the class and through these asanas the profound wisdom and beauty of tantra is revealed. Learning how to listen, to hear our inner truth and recognize the divine intelligence within this practice opens and brings gifts that bless all areas of being and living.”
– Kim –

– YOGA –
“An Inspiring introduction to Tantra by a Radiant Tantrika.
Valentina is passionate and intensely focused on sharing her Tantric journey.
She describes the effect and purpose beautifully and simply,
in a way that penetrates deeply and inspires mind, body and soul long after the class is over.”
– Mer Maggie –

– YOGA –
“Loved it! Loved it! Loooooved it!! That’s my kind’a yoga!!!”
– Alex Schwenn –